Gipsy Hill Essay

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If you stand at the bottom of Gipsy Hill, it looks quite daunting as you cannot see to the top of the road. This road does not display a lot of interest – especially with stylish Crystal Palace just a stones throw away – not that you would want to walk up it as about half way up it becomes extremely steep. With only a handful of shops and places of social interest there is not much to this thoroughfare but the locals are proud of it.

One of the good things about Gipsy Hill is that it has a wide choice of public transport links along it. At the bottom of the hill there are two bus stops located across the road from each other. The bus going down the hill heading to Norwood and the one going up the hill terminates at Crystal Palace. The bus is the cheapest mode of transport next to walking. There are a few more bus stops scattered along the road to help you get to the places that you need to be. One of these bus stops on the way up are located right opposite the train station that boasts regular travel links to both central London destinations such as London Bridge and Waterloo as well as stops in Surrey such as Croydon and Sutton. The only other transport links are the cabs that can be called from Gipsy Hill train station. The transport links are one example of what creates winners and losers on Gipsy Hill as a lot of people may not be able to afford to catch trains or cabs to get to their destinations. As well as this being a problem, the elderly or those with a disability may find it difficult to get from the bottom of the hill to the top of it if they are not using public transport.

Unlike City Road, street furniture is few and far between on Gipsy Hill. There are a few bins and pillars, painted in the Lambeth Colours of black with a gold ring going around it. This can be a problem for those who are partially sighted or late at night for drivers who may park alongside one or reverse into one. There are no benches along this road, which once again may cause issues for those that cannot walk long distances with ease. Along the whole of Gipsy Road there is only one set of traffic lights. This maybe because of the fact that on neighbouring roads there is a school, and further along Gipsy Hill, a place of worship.

There are only a few places to eat and drink on this road. There is an Indian restaurant which is quite expensive so this mainly aimed at those with quite a bit of money and mainly attracts couples or those who may want to hold a business dinner