Girl Can T Dance Analysis

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An average american person will read up to 100 books in their lifetime. (“Golden Ripples”). Two of those 100 books should without a doubt be “Game Over” by Eric Kahn Gale and “Girl Can’t Dance” by Lisa Yee. “Game over” is about a boy named Ryan, who feels embarrassed by his last name at school. So he tries a tennis class, and comes to find out no one minds about his last name. But there is just one problem, his whole tennis class speaks Russian. On the other hand “Girl Can’t Dance” is about a girl, Emma who is embarrassed because her whole student body saw a funny video of her dancing to one of her favorite songs. Yet somehow she becomes famous from the video, but she’s not quite sure it is in a good way. Soon she loses all her friends to fame, …show more content…
The author wrote ““Podacha! Vozvrashchenie podachie!” she yelled as they hit the ball back and forth. I have no idea what the rules of tennis are.” (Kahn Gale 26). We must conclude Ryan is having a difficult time learning the rules of the game and has become desperate. Ryan is not sure what to do about his problem so he faces the consequences by not being able to get better. In contrast, in “Girl Can’t Dance” the climax creates the mood of arrogant because Emma becomes famous by her video on the internet and she starts to become stuck up and loses a majority of her friends. The author wrote “Well, you're sort of…and don't take this the wrong way… but you're kind of….. stuck up.“ Aubree said. (Yee 17). We must conclude that Aubree, Emma’s best friend is getting tired of emma acting the way she is. So aubree decides to say something to Emma, and causes Emma to lose her as a friend. In conclusion, these two stories climax create two unalike