Some Battles Arn T Worth Fighting

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Some Battles Arn't Worth Fighting
It was a rainy, slushy, day in the downtown streets of Manhattan. The dog panted as it licked my tear-stained face. I stared out the window wondering how something so perfect could turn into such a horrible mess. Everything was going fine until she came into town. Why did I have to ruin everything? All these questions ran through my head as I thought about the past 2 weeks and how my a once flawless friendship turned into my worst possible nightmare. It was about 3 months ago, Brian and I were sitting at the lunch table near room 310 and as usual we were laughing about something that we had seen on t.v the night before when the bell rang to go to class. We were sitting in our seats doing our daily warm-up when all of the sudden I turned around and spotted an unfamilular face standing in front of the classroom. I turned to Brian and asked who she was and he said "Thats the new girl Veronica, she just started today and all of the guys are like drooling over her, including me." I didn't understand why anyone would be attracted to her. I mean she was freakishly tall with ugly bleach blonde hair and vulgar blue eyes plus she was wearing a short skirt that looked like it belonged to a 7 year old and a shirt that she probably found in the toddler aisle. Then to my worst despare Mr.Mclain sat her right next to me and Brian. Brian couldnt keep his eyes off of her and I was trying to keep my eyes anywhere else but on her. I nudged Brian on his arm and told him to pay attention to the lesson and stop focusing on the crocka-dilla-pig that had just walked in (mixture of a crocodile, a gorilla and a pig). "Who does she think she is just walking into class acting like everyone should bow down to her you know what she no even that pretty if you ask me" I told Brian over the phone the next day but all he kept replying was "She smelt so good and I think she even smiled at me shes totally into me dont you think Jackie." I didnt understand how he could like someone like that, I mean she was obviously a bad influence and I didnt want anything to do with someone like that. After a couple of minutes of hearing Brian talk about her I finally ended the conversation by telling him I had to go eat dinnner so he said goodbye and hung up the phone. I told my mom about the inncident with Veronica and all she told me was to let it go she said its not like you and Brian are hanging out with her or anything. I thought about it for a minute and then agreed. I mean i've known brian for 4 years and although he has had crushes on girls before, he was the shy type and I thought that he could never gain the courage to actually speak to one of the girls so I dropped it and went to sleep. I got a good night sleep but no amount of sleep could have prepared me for the next morning. I got up the next morning did my usual routine and headed to school. I met Brian in the front of the gate as usual but to my surprise Veronica was standing right next to him and I could see them laughing together. Just the sight of that made me want to vomit but I held it in and walked over to where they were standing . "Oh hi Veronica I didnt know that you knew Brian?" I said trying to hold back the vomit in the back of my throat. "Oh yeah, well this morning I was walking to school and I accidently ran into Brian and we started walking together, oh im sorry I didnt know that he had a girlfriend." Me and Brian