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Sodium Destructanite The story of Sodium Destructanite begins on a typical Saturday afternoon for Morris Shankalicious; nothing unusual has happened to him that day. But his life is about to change, and for humanity that is a change for the worse. He is relaxing on the couch, watching the science channel, when he hears a knock on the door. “Who is it?” Morris asks. There is no answer. “Who is it?” he asks again, getting frustrated. Still no answer. Morris angrily opens the door only to find a CIA badge in his face. “We’re going to need you to come with us, sir.” The agent said. “Have I done something wrong?” Morris asks him. “No sir, we just need you to be a part of something very special.” Grudgingly Morris follows them outside into the all black car with heavily tinted windows. Hours later they arrive at an ominous looking facility surrounded with walls topped with barbed wire. Already Morris didn’t want to go inside. After many minutes and security checks, the group enters the building. After journeying through a maze of hallways and corridors the group reaches their destination. Inside the room is a sinister looking machine surrounded by an army of computers and men in lab coats. “Step in here sir.” One of the agent commands, indicating to the machine in the center of the room. Morris’ suspicion growing; he steps into the machine. There is a hiss of a door shutting, sealing him in. Then a whirring sound and a flash and then Morris finds himself face down on the ground. He looks up to see the awed faces of the scientists staring back at him. Then he notices his hands. They are the last thing he sees before he blacks out. He wakes up hours later; keeping his eyes closed hoping it was all just a bad dream. But he opens his eyes and finds himself in something like a luxurious prison cell complete with a bathroom and a king sized bed with freshly washed sheets. The only thing that it lacked was a conventional door and a window. Morris walks into the bathroom and looks in the mirror. What he finds looking back at him is a humongous silvery colored beast at least seven feet tall and over three hundred pounds. In a rage Morris punches the wall next to him, knocking the mirror off the wall and putting a six inch hole in it. Through the hole he sees another room identical to his. Curious, he punches the wall again until it is big enough to get through. He walks in the other room and is startled to see another experiment of the CIA looking right back at him. He looks normal until