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IDEA was established to ensure that students with disabilities receive the same educational opportunities as students without disabilities. It governs how states provide early services, special education services, and other appropriate services to students with special needs. IDEA is broken into 4 categories. The first category Part C; deals with early intervention services and is geared specifically to Infants and toddlers from birth to 2 years of age. The second category Part B; is for students and youth ages 3-21. Part A lays out the initial foundations of the Act and Part D provides for funding of the program such as grants, transitional services, support services and other things necessary to continually improve special education for students.

Part B provides the educational guidelines for students
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A free appropriate public education means that the child’s education is provided to the family at no cost to them. This may include allowing parents to review records, participate in IEP meetings, access to complain procedures, ability to request an Independent educational evaluation and the ability to use due process if they feel that their child education is not being properly obtained.
2. Provides for the right to have a student evaluated when a school professional or a parent believes that a child has a disability that is impacting their learning or behavior.
3. Provides for the creation of an Individual Learning Plan that will address the area that the student is struggling in and provides an action plan with goals for students to achieve.
4. This provides that a student’s education must be provided in the least restrictive environment. This may include placing a student in a “normal” classroom with services that allow them to follow their IEP. This may also include an assistant teacher or PARA Educator that works with them one on one, pull out services, or other services that will allow them to obtain the goals as set forth in their