Glamous Living In The Corner

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Carol Green

October 14, 2013

Glamous Living In the Corner

Glamous living in the corner, a the ballroom dance, sitting there in the corner, life is what its surppose be, on a life journey out just to be alone. no no not really. How can a person be in peace when in a crowd? Well, the music sound relaxing looking at the people dance is sort of being lame in so doing well. its all about choices a person make in life there is always two one is right and the other is wrong. lets diddle with the so called right way its all good on the contrary, who knows the score on which way to go okay this is right get married to the man of a person liking or better yet of their dream its what you know and what you dont know. well its a play date for how long one two months or two to five years? first lets look at a glamuous life so you like an man a woman an individual looks good he's hansome shes gorgeous wow what do a person do when they don't know how to react in a cordial setting. Glamous is going for the gusto giving all a person has to in the environment however, it is nothing they know at wits end. it's a challenging situation this is what life is all about who the person end up with. can't tell, oh God what do a person do when its so hard to choose? in every area of a person's life an individual must make a decission its all about love and attraction here. making a happy notion that dancing is fun an a former meet up. sounds coming growing toward a special night out making the best of the morning living a glamuous life. the second thing to know is how can the person except a dance from a stranger, maybe it's all about putting it down on paper about a person is writing journal. in all the fanacies of higher esstisees in all sounds of reading, writing some go out just to feel good to meet people however, some individuals go for the excitement ganging pillow weld sango fellow. in other words, who wants to dance in a state of remorse of tears maybe listening to music iz better in giving. further more, yeah it's believe i can face it now the problem that troubles me on a seat is over can i stay here forever to flow with the dance that will let me forget all i must be weak belcause it got me on my feet but know she did not want to dance at first but now it its a many times a person goes out to places figutivily speaking they only want to sit and sob however in some cases you need to be social whether humans feel like it or not this is the way you make friends in some instancies noone wants to make waves what is ravinging about this readin is the person is at a hotel ballroom dance now when do oh yeah where is it right being how can you tell right from wrong when it all feels right the only thing maybe