Glancing At Images Of Myself And My Family

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Glancing at photos of myself and my family, I was never the kind of person who would be looking over albums of my family or spending a lot of time with them. I was the one who wanted to do everything by myself and be myself for much of the day. Growing teens and young adults don’t know what to do a lot of the time; they make some bad decisions and are hitting the stage where they have to do a lot themselves. Looking back when you were younger, your parents, grandparents, siblings or whoever was around you took care of you and helped you when you were stuck or treated you while you were sick. These people went through the same thing we are going through now. We have to learn how life happens and everything can just turn on you like that. Life is rough. It has its ups and it has its downs and you never know what you are going to face next. When something happens, most of the time is because of life you never know when something going to go bad or even good. Like people say, “Shit happens”. They are absolutely correct when they say that, and even though you could word it differently and describe it in more detail, anything could happen. After this critical thinking, life lesson of an essay I read, it hit me. How I act with my family and friends and how they want me to have the best life, the best friends and loving family really hits me. It should be that feeling in the bottom of your heart where you know what this means and how you feel towards others at that point. That warm feeling, that makes you want to go around to everybody and say how much you love them and why. Well when that someone you love is a family member, you just want to stop what you’re doing and just realize how much of an impact it has on you and your friends if you can see the consequences. There is a photo of my family and I, all smiling, very happy and enjoying our time on vacation in North Carolina. At any given time, anything could have happened to any of us, and because we were so far away, no one knew what could happen. With the closest friends and family in 7 states away, we weren’t sure if we were going to have an awesome trip or a tragic trip. This was years ago, and my memory has faded of the trip but not of the moment. Picturing the trip, halfway through was not as I saw or planned. We were at this historical site that we visit every year we travel down here, and every year it gets better and better, but at this point it was about to be the worst. As I’m walking back I hear panting and then a thud like someone fell on the ground. I turned around and there lying on the ground was my mother. Panting rapidly and gasping for air she was having a heart attack. There were no signs of anything wrong with her before we got here or even before going on this trip. As she is on the ground, my sisters are crying heavily, and I wouldn’t blame them, because who knows what could have happened. As they were doing that my dad was trying to help her but nothing was working and I was calling an ambulance. After about 10 minutes, the ambulance was here and my dad rode with her to the hospital and remembering what my dad told me about this was heart stopping. She had stopped doing what she was doing and we thought she was dead. Picture you with your sisters and your mother going to the hospital. How would you react to this and how would you feel? As strong as I was trying to be, I was thinking positively and trying not to cry my eyes out like my sisters. I was trying to act like a man at this young age, but I really couldn’t hold it in. I was tearing up a little and a lot was rushing through my head. How was this going to end? How is this going to affect me in the long run? How would you be taking this? How would you handle