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The book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls tell the story of Jeanette’s life while she moves from city to city with her very outspoken family. She lives with her younger brother Brian, younger sister Maureen, her mother and father and her older sister Lori. Lori is the oldest of the four Walls children. She is very bright and talented. Lori had much compassion for her younger siblings and her parents as a young girl. Whenever someone would fight or get into an argument Lori would always be there to help calm things down. She was always trying to stay positive even if she knew that is was no use like when her dad would come home drunk. Lori is also a very skilled artist. She always loved painting with her mother, especially when the family lived in Battle Mountain and the whole house on every wall had pictures made by Lori and her mother. When Lori first moved to New York she settled in first so that when Jeannette arrives she would have somewhere to stay. She worked hard so that she could pay the rent. As the years went on and more of the Walls family moved to New York Lori opened up her home for her parents when they needed it, even if it was crowed. So, when Maureen came to New York, Lori let her youngest sister live with her so she could get out of the city of Welch and go to school. When the family had problems, even when her family would drive her crazy she would always try to help. The entire Walls family is loud, stubborn but…