Glass Ceiling Ethics

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In the business world today there are many things that we encounter or face on a daily basis. The things one might ask ones self are what does it take to be successful in the corporate world today? An individual has to process many key components to be successful including education, personality traits,professionalism, and the skills to be able to perform what your career and what your position requires of you. Even though we are faced with many challenges in todays economy when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder women are still faced with more difficult challenges still to this day “The Glass Ceiling”which is is an intangible barrier within a hierarchy that prevents women or minorities from obtaining upper level positions. Thus hindering woman and minorities from the potential that they be able to offer to the corporate world today. This has been a counterfeiting issue within not only the business world as well as world wide. Woman and minorities have always held the potential to be successful leaders, but always are the ones that do the work and in turn around they do not get credited for the efforts or strategic work that they put into there work. Often promises of raises, or job promotions, from higher held positions within the company. And yet still at a yielding stand still why others take the creditability for their work. The question in all reality is what is the true way to handle this situation with business ethics today?
It all starts with who you know ,but even at that being said. It is only in my personal opinion that even if you do know somebody and they pull you into the position you with hold there will always be a superior to either help mentor you and help empower you or,to break you. For insistence this can also happen other ways such as me as an example I recently have encountered a intervention specialists that came into the department for a child’s behavior. There are certain methods that I have sat back and observed about a child and than I sit back and come up with a strategic plan on how can I come up with other solutions to help improve the child behavior to help improve their education. I started noticing that as I was using certain methods to help the child to be redirected and be more productive in the classroom setting. I than began to notice that the behavioral specialist ,being new to her position was observing me and my methods I was performing with the child ,and using them as if they were her own for her own creditability in her position. This is a prime example on how the education barrier can be a disadvantage for me in my position at the current time. I look at the business ethic of the situation and think to myself that is not acceptable for her to get credit for my work and efforts on improving the students. But at the same time what does she have to base her methods on and where to start? She to has a superior that she has to answer to and is accountable for her actions at the end. At the end of the day someone will always have got kudos from your portion of your hard work unless one works for themselves and even then you still have someone to answer to.
Will the glass ceiling always be an issue within the workplace? Even though there may never be a answer to the question there has diffentinley has been improvement with women and minority running for presidential candidates,to the prime minsters nation wide. We look back at history in when women and minority were hand and hand with no rights . They actually worked hand and hand to help fight through these rights of there voices to be heard. It was not until decades later in 1928 that woman gained their rights in society as well as equal right sin their households not being looked at as a piece of property to their husbands. Of course this did not happen over night as a matter a fact it took almost a decade of hard works and efforts of many woman pulling together Susan B.