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Alfred Kinsey –This man was an American biologist and sexologist. He founded the institute of sex research.
2. Midcult – This means a culture that is not above average or below average. They are an average standing and functioning community or organization.
3. FCC- This stands for the Federal Communications Committee. It regulates and watches all communications by television, radio, wires, or anything else.
4. T.S Eliot- This man was a major poet and essayist born in the United States. He moved to England when he was 25 years old.
5. Newton Minow- This man was once the chair of the FCC. He was also a very famous and popular attorney during his time.
6. Margaret Mead- This woman was born in America and became an anthropologist. She received a portion of her degrees from Columbia University.
7. Playboy- This is a popular American “men’s entertainment” magazine. Hugh Heffner founded it in 1953.
8. Peyton Place- This was a novel published in 1956. Grace Metalious wrote it and was on the best sellers list for over a year.
9. Production
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Intellectuals were people who sought to have more knowledge and wisdom then the average person. The ridiculed and were against “mass culture”. They claimed that the average person was close-minded and had no real knowledge or wisdom. The intellectuals sought to have a wiser population, which did not consist of narrow-minded people. There efforts were unrealistic because it is impossible to ratify a whole population. Most people were against them because of their stubbornness and cock attitudes.
2. When the television programs were expensive, only rich and upper class citizens were able to afford them. Therefore, the programs were customized to fit their wants and needs. Once the price dropped average people were buying televisions. This meant that television programs now had a mass culture of viewers, so they had to adjust what they were showing. They now showed a variety of shows that satisfied all