Glo-Bus Reflection Essays

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The task and standards:
The glo-bus game is an online game developed by IBM and is short for globe business simulation game. It provides a competitive environment to all the participants and company’s managers. In glo-bus, 13 groups in an industry. Each group run a camera company with the same start condition, they need to make their own decision to defeated other groups and meet the investors expectation. The camera company was divided into four main regions such as Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America. In every region we have to maintain certain factor such as ROE, Net profit, EPS, S/Q rating, Net profit, Revenue, Cash flow etc. The aim of this game is used what we learnt in the class and practice our manage
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Consequence: We rose from 12th to 9st in 13 years. We Ranked 9 in our industry at the end of the game.
Dispute: From this experience, I find out that although I am a leader, but taking all responsibility by myself is not a good idea. I think I should learn how to find out everyone’s strength. Give them the proper task. Finish the work as a team but not as individual person. This is the best way to succeed. I think I will remember this experience for my life. It is important for my future career. Reflection2
Context: In the Glo-bus simulation games. We basically used the same strategy from year 5 to year 15. We set our price cheaper than any other competitors. Our next sales revenues are much greater than any other competitors but our net income is not as good as our net sale revenues.
Activating Experience:
We learnt from the book that low price and high sale volume is a good way to operate a company. Dell and Acer use this strategy.
Brief: At the beginning of the game, this strategy looks excellent because become the industry leader and we gain lots of market shares. We think stick on this strategy can make us the final winner.
Consequence: We lost 8st in the last year, we did not change our market shares into income. I found out that strategy should always change with time.
Dispute: From this experience, I learn that any strategy should change when my competitors change their strategies. We cannot stick to