Global Bussiness Case Study Essay

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Case 2 This case introduces the local business and global business, which one is more adapted to develop the economic. Globalization is a very important subject. It is full of dangers, and full of opportunities. If we look at the balance today, economically, globalization has brought a lot of richness to many countries, and I think that globalization has helped a lot of countries improve the standard of living of their population. I think the world is becoming more and more communication with each other, so globalization is important for every countries to develop their economic and society. Values of brand as core of bran,it has these features:sharing,stability,practical and controlled.Enforeing the brand to the target markets,I think we should control the quality of values of brand rather than quantity;Also the people at the bottom level is pivotal,we need to mobilize them. We shall have confidence that we can be the best,grasp the details,have a belief in the importance of the individual.On the other hand,we need to believe high quality and service and learn to accept failure. There are several steps to help your staff better appreciate the sensitivities of local markets. The first is to measure customer satisfaction and its impact on customer loyalty be type of call. The second creating a more positive culture within the customer service center. The third one looking for more ways to listen to customer and respond to their feedback. The last one is creating a sense of service awareness. So if we want our staffs better appreciate the sensitivities of local markets, we should learn more about the customers' satisfaction and customer loyalty. Yes. There are any feasible way to share the valuable knowledge you’ve captured in your local markets…