Global Climate Change Revision Essay

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Zach Merto
Mrs. Maniscalco
Earth Space Science
Revision: 4/12/15
S1 Climate and Meteorology 06: Global Climate Change
On planet Earth, human and nonhuman factors contribute to
climate change. The article, “Climate Change at the Poles”, discusses
one of the human factors. Rapid climate change is among the largest
hazard to the poles. Atmospheric carbon dioxide has been increasing
for over one-hundred years, with substantial contributions from the
fossil fuels used to power our homes, businesses, and vehicles. Climate
changes are also caused by nonhuman factors. Before humans,
changes in climate resulted only from natural causes. These causes
include changes in Earth’s orbit, changes in solar activity, or volcanic
There are ways that we can reduce the human impact on climate
change. One of these ways is to harness ocean energy. Ocean waves
hold a vast amount of energy that is almost entirely unharnessed
despite our constant need for sustainable, non-contaminating
electricity. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has been
researching and developing the WECs (Wave Energy Converters).
Contemporary computer models and progressive engineering
techniques are allowing WEC technologies to advance rapidly.
Secondly, there is a trend in Guatemala to reduce deforestation.
Legacy Foundation’s Project is decreasing deforestation by helping to
substitute fuel wood and charcoal burning with hollow core biomass
briquettes. GlobalGiving supports this project and believes that
through the training in biomass fuel briquette production, members of
the community are offered the opportunity to increase their income
while protecting their environment. This is a win-win situation.

Finally, the human impact on climate change on Earth may also
be reduced by the development of a revolutionary “shape changing”
aircraft flap. NASA claims that the new wings will make the aircraft
more fuel efficient. From what scientists understand, burning less