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Global Financial Corporation (GF) a subsidiary of Global Equipment Company (GEC) is tasked with handling financing for those customers who wish to purchase GEC heavy equipment. Currently GF only processes 51% of the leases within the “10 days or less” time frame, with some loans taking up above 41 days. Ms. Rodriguez, the Vice President of GF has been directed to decrease loan processing time to 10 days or less with the current staff she has. The current structure of the analysis and evaluation stage does not maximize staff time effectively and as a consequence creates a bottleneck in the process. We recommend switching to a case manager structure. lLan applications can be processed and
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* Expected wait time in the system for an application in Region 3 was approximately 15 days, with an actual processing time of 13.56 hours. With utilization rate of 84%, this Region has the ability to handle an increase in applications. * Each region utilized over ten days of average time in system and showed bottlenecks. 2.
Interest rate stage is a multi channel process and is working effectively. Applications are processed quickly and are usually turned over to the next step within 30 minutes. The utilization rate is consistent at 64%, which means that this staff member can continue to devote only half of his time to this task. 3.
Loan terms stage is a single channel and has similar issues as the analysis and evaluation department. It creates bottleneck and work is unevenly distributed. 4.
Final issuing stage is an effective multichannel process with a consistently high utilization percentage. Each application takes less than 4 hours to process and utilizes time consistently at 93% of capacity.
Redistribute the staff to eliminate the bottlenecks in the process. Automate the input of information into a computer database at the sales level eliminating duplicate entry. * Generic queue would decrease processing time to 9 days. Evaluation will drastically reduce to 2 days of processing, increasing utilization and reducing idle time. Active