Global Health term paper guidelines2014

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MADS 6642 Summer 2014
Global Health term paper guidelines
The students will be provided with a list of themes of which they may choose one. Alternatively, they can propose another theme, which needs to be approved by the instructor.
Each theme offers the possibility to apply some of the concepts that we have discussed in class. They will give you the opportunity to discuss how a specific intervention has been applied to solve a health problem in a particular setting.
Papers are expected to be 10 to 15 pages in length (typewritten and double-spaced). The paper should include the following:

a) Table of Contents
b) Introduction- The introduction should include why you are doing this Paper; what is the point.
c) Background- The background section provides an assessment of the situation prior to the intervention
d) The Intervention: based on the specific problematic and considering the assessment of the social determinant of health, a solution is proposed. A key aspect of the term paper is to have the students make a list of the main social determinants of health which applied to this case (4). One basic question which the students need to answer is how the intervention addresses some of these social determinants of health.
e) Impact: using statistics (before and after the intervention) demonstrate if the solution has provided the desired results or not.
f) Costs and benefits. This could be expressed in dollar amount per DALYs, if available.
g) Conclusions: What has been learned from the experience?
h) References
i) Supplemental material

There should be at least eight references from journal articles, textbooks (excluding our course textbook), or…