Apartheid In South Africa

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Michael Costa John F. Kennedy High School

The Geographic features have influenced most political, economic, social, and the

historical development of countries and region of Geographic features in global history and geography. In South Africa Apartheid occurred during the mid 1900s, One effect and horrific example of the Apartheid was the African Americans were treated very poorly. The African
Americans lived in houses made of plastic, some wood, and bit of aluminum. I think this was very horrible that this had to happen to the African Americans, they did nothing to deserve this, it is very cruel. Another concrete detail on the apartheid the blacks were stepped on by the whites, the whites lived in a separate private dwellings neighborhood, With fancy cars, fancy homes, Great jobs. While the blacks were slaves working their butts off day by day to survive. What had to was the unlawful treatment to the blacks. So someone stepped in his name is Nelson Mandela, He stepped up and fought for the blacks because he was one of them and still was. He was struggling just like every African american was at the time. At the moment of time if no one stepped up and put their foot down,
Relating to today this would still be going on. When there is no need to. Nelson Mandela fought till he couldn't anymore. He fought to make sure the Africans Americans, Get a living of their choice, desire. Be free for once in there life.
Nelson Mandela helped the African