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Two elements of Egyptian culture that were influenced by the Nile River are: Intellectually and Culturally. The Nile River was the main reason for Egyptian Civilization. In the section Geography, the text says “Had, it not been for the Nile River Egyptian civilization would have suffered due to lack of water…the Nile’s flood waters allow farmers to irrigate their field.” The Nile River, was the cause of the Egyptian civilization. As stated in the quote the withouth Nile, the Egyptian civilization would have perished. Farmers use the irrigation system to water crops to create a surplus of food about three times a year. This show how intellectually advanced they were. The Nile also affected the culture of early Egyptians through religion. The text states, “The most important god was the god of the Nile.” Egyptians felt they needed to worship the water because of the good it does in their life. The system of irrigation used by the Egyptians was drawn from the river, which left silt to grow crops. They worshiped the river so this rich soil could come consistently.

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The Indus River influenced the Harappan culture; intellectually and economically. The Indus River’s routine flooding brought a problem to the lives of the Harrapan people. The text states, “They built levees of earthen walls to keep war out of cities…when this wasn’t enough they constructed man-made islands to raise cities above possible flood waters.” The Harrapan people had to find a…