Global Issues Essay

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Donna Pena
Global History II
Professor Tiede
9 October 2013
Global Issues There are many issues in our world today; some are big and some small but they all affect us in a big way. Global warming for instance is big issue that is affecting our universe in a negative way. If we do not slow it down it could do terrible damage to us all. This stuff all occurs because of humans. Humans develop amazing technology that helps us but only harms the planet we live on. We are the cause of global warming. Another big issue is nuclear weapons this one has been going on since the United States two atomic bombs in Japan. Now countries that can afford it develop nuclear weapons because they don’t want to be one step behind the other countries that already have nuclear weapons. On this earth we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth 8 times. There are so many issues to cover but the ones we really need to worry about now are global warming and nuclear weapons. Global warming is taking a huge toll on our earth and it needs to be stopped immediately. Global warming is the increase of earth’s temperature due to greenhouse gases. The earth is heating up and this no good at all because of the earth heating up we are losing some of our ozone layer which protects us from getting direct sunlight that would burn our skin. Without the ozone layer we will burn from the extreme amounts of direct sunlight we are getting. Global warming is also melting a lot of glaciers in the world; if all the glaciers in the world melt our earth could be covered entirely in water thus drowning all forms of life on this planet. This is already happening to animals that live near this ice such as polar bears; polar bears are now an endangered species because of global warming melting the ice and glaciers. In order to stop this we need to come together and find different alternative energy sources that won’t harm our planet. Nuclear weapons is a big part of our world today; we live in fear of them not knowing when one will be set off and sent to our country or even city. There are about 8 known countries that have nuclear weapons and can set them off whenever they like. Nuclear weapons are the worst kind of weapons ever developed; the bomb hits its target and many people die on impact but if you don’t die on impact you will be affected by the radiation of the bomb. These bombs are horrible and the radiation will never go away and it will affect generations upon generations of people. This is awful and needs to be stopped; nuclear weapons should be banned everywhere. We have enough nuclear weapons on this planet to destroy our earth 8 times not just once but 8 times. If one country sends a nuke to another country all hell will break loose and in a matter of seconds it will be full blown nuclear warfare and this earth will just be unlivable to anything that sets foot on it. Global warming and nuclear weapons began because of human ignorance and can only end if humans come together and stop them. Global warming can be stopped by using alternative energy sources and not fossil fuels and all these different gases that destroy our ozone layer. There are many different organizations that are helping to put an end to global warming because it is ultimately destroy our earth. “People tend to focus on the here and now. The problem is that, once global warming is something that most people can feel in the course of their daily