Global Marketing Essay

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Global Marketing

March 14, 2011

“The importance of Global Marketing”

Global Marketing is very important in our society, and in whole market in the world. Recently, the businesses around the world are trying to make their profit not only in domestically, but by globally as well. Now the marketing business is trying to make all products, more global and less domestic. Global marketing helps businesses to evolve into much greater corporations to make better profit. Domestically, some businesses become saturated, and have limited number of customers, however in global point of view; there is huge market that the businesses can target more. There are reasons for globalization, and the first reason is technology. Technology has been increasing and developing more and more as time goes by. The technology power has been increased rapidly that it helped people around world to easily communicate with each other. There are technologies like mobile phone/ smart phone, video calls, internet, notebook, and etc. These technologies today made global marketing easier for the world to connect. It makes the marketing feels like the other end of the world is not far apart from each other. The positive ideas about technology are that it also saves time and money for travel expenses across the world. In addition, the second reason for globalization is having trade agreement between countries. The trade agreement helps the countries to remove their borders to freely import and export goods between countries. Trade agreement has lower government restrictions as wells as lower tariffs. There are many trade agreements around the world, such as Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), European Union (EU) and one of most important agreement in United States is called North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA is a trade agreement between U.S, Canada, and Mexico to create free trade zone by removing the borders of Canada and Mexico. NAFTA makes no tariffs during trade. Third, the need for growth is very important in global marketing. The businesses around the world are saturated domestically, so they spread their businesses around the world for greater market. It is very important for businesses to spread globally because the corporation wishes for customers in more than one country. Usually, multinational companies usually compete and are into globalization compared to small and medium businesses. Small and medium businesses usually cannot compete in globalization because they need more growth domestically. As it is mentioned before, huge corporation or multinational corporations are saturated in domestic that they spread their business to outside country. However, there also are some negative parts in globalization. Because corporations have some language barrier and a culture barrier between countries, they have difficulties marketing to specific customers. Also, globalization makes millions of Americans lose their jobs because of factories or companies moving their location to foreign areas. In addition, the use of outsourcing makes the workers in U.S. to suffer from unemployment. Even in these negative