Global Marketing Plan To Support The Launch Of Your Chosen Brand In India

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Module Title: Global Marketing Management

Module Code: MOD003470 Level: 7

Academic Year: 2014/15 SEM: 2

Module Tutor: Sandie Deshpa
Submission Date: 17:00hrs on the 14.07.2015.
You are employed as a Global Marketing Consultant and have been asked by your Senior Vice President of Marketing to prepare a management report that addresses the following global marketing issues pertaining to the launch of your chosen brand in India, (excluding IKEA), where the chosen brand does not currently exist in India.
You are required to choose the brand (organisation or product or service, excluding IKEA!) of your choice as a basis for discussing the following relative global marketing issues.
For clarity, your chosen brand will be referred to as Brand XYZ in the tasks to be undertaken.
In this regard, you must provide a brief profile of your chosen brand.

Prepare a global marketing plan to support the launch of your chosen brand in India. The plan should include a consideration and discussion of the following relative issues:
(Total word Limit: 3,000 +/- 10%)
(Brand XYZ = your stated chosen brand)
You are required to use Brand XYZ as a basis for discussing the following relative global marketing issues. In this regard, you should begin by preparing a brief profile of Brand XYZ.
Prepare a global strategic marketing report to support the entry and expansion of the brand XYZ in INDIA. The report should include a consideration and discussion of the following issues:

1: Using appropriate and relevant analytical techniques conduct a comprehensive micro and macro-environmental analysis of the market environment and their implications for Brand XYZ (30 Marks)

2: Develop appropriate global marketing objectives and critically analyse the supporting corporate and business strategies to support the launch of the Brand XYZ in India. (30 Marks)

3: State and evaluate the appropriate market entry method in India with business case justification as well as the marketing tactics that will support the selected entry mode in the Indian market.
4: Develop and discuss of the implementation of planned marketing activities in the India, with time lines (20 Marks)

Assessment Criteria:
This assignment requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the planning issues surrounding the entry of your chosen company into country of your choice. You are required to examine and evaluate the environment (competitive and politico economic), and to evaluate the marketing strategies and business model of your chosen company, and their suitability to market entry in the chosen country. Your evaluation must not be descriptive in nature; it should provide clear evidence of your understanding of the issues surrounding the business model adopted by your chosen company.
Your evaluation must be supported by; information from industry sources, academic theories and concepts and the paper must comply with the report format and the Harvard referencing guidelines.
There is no correct number of academic references to be utilised as the student must draw as many references as required to provide a high quality answer. However, a minimum of 12 academic sources are expected, and a majority of these should be current, internationally peer reviewed articles/journals or accredited textbook references. Sources such as Wikipedia are not accepted. Sources available only online should be avoided.
You must be mindful that marks will be allocated based on your knowledge and comprehension and your ability to define, explain, apply, analyse and evaluate the key concepts. The chart below demonstrates how the marks (for content) will be allocated according to the criteria shown.

Specific Module Guidance
To achieve a pass level mark you must ensure that you: (i) apply your knowledge and understanding of the information required by the task and research the