Global Micro-Computer (Gmc Executive Summary Essay

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Executive Summary


Global Micro-Computer (GMC) provides the most reliable, innovative, affordable computer products and services, to meet the needs of fast-pace business. Our Mission is to serve our customers’ needs beyond and above global market expectations. GMC is an international company whose quality computers are efficient and easy to navigate.

Key Facts:
In the initial test market, we took a conservative approach in building brand and market share. This did not yield the expected results.
Financial Performance- We took a conservative approach to test the market spending within our initial investment stipend of 2 million dollars. We retained over $500,000 in operating profit for the division.
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Marketing Strategy for the next year in business, (What will it take to get ahead or stay ahead?)
A. Brand Strategy
B. Pricing Strategy
C. Advertising Strategy
D. Sales Channel
3. Pro forma financial projections (Quarter one to eight) (Hint: Copy the pro forma in the simulation for quarters 1 to 4 into Excel and then add information/data for quarters 5 to 8).
Tactical plan (Quarters one to eight).
 Quarter 6 – open three offices, Paris, London, New York. Staff with 5 each, 1 service and 4 sales personnel, with two sales staff for priority 1 and 2 target markets, at a cost of $xx,xxx.
 In Quarter 6 we were going to spend 509, 000 per sales offices we had opened in quarter 5.
 Since we had increased number of sales offices, the cost to hire sales people will be 1, 343,398.
 In quarter 7 & 8 we are not going to open any sales offices, but we are going to hire 10 more sales people to supplements additional sales offices we had opened in quarter 5 and 6 and these additional numbers of sales people will maintain staffing in quarter 6 through quarter 8.
 R & D we have been doing great on R & D so we decide to spend approximately 3,000,000 in quarter 6, 7, and 8 for R & D. And all other operating cost will stay the same.
Market plan: Advertisement
 In quarter 1 we selected the segments. Our market segment was cost-cutter and work Horse and they were based only in two cities which is Atlanta and Chicago.
 In