Global Operations Management Essay

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Global Operations Management

Abstract The world offers significant business opportunities for every company, however, opportunities are accompanied by significant challenges for managers. Managing global operations across diverse cultures and markets represents a big challenge and opportunity for companies. To compete in the global market and be successful, companies must learn the strategies, policies, norms and technology necessary to conduct international business. The opportunities for global expansion are numerous, and attaining success is a matter of developing the right strategy to win local markets and its consumers.

Global Operations Management In today’s global economy many
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Building trust between different people is very important but it can be also a complex process, since each culture has its own way of building trust and its own interpretation of what trust is. Is very important to respect and accept all these cultural differences if the company want to succeed in the international market. PPQ Parts Company will also need to take in consideration local tastes and preferences and buying habits to do business accordingly. The competition is also an important issue to consider when going global because, since the company will be new in the area, it will have to compete with other similar business that are already established there and the public already trust and preferred them. Diversity is a specialized term describing a workplace that includes people from different backgrounds and cultures, and/or diverse businesses (What is Culture, 2009). Failure to recognize local diversity can lead to failure of the global business. It’s vital for the managers to learn how to adjust and manage diversity for the benefit of the company. An organization’s success and competitiveness depends on its ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefits of it. For global companies diversity has become