Global: Outsourcing and Electronic Translator Ease Essay

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Globalization happens when a company develops in countries outside where the company was started. If a small company is started is started in America, grows larger and outsources or adds offices in another country it is globalizing. As technology increases the ability for businesses to grow has increased. Although there are benefits to globalizing, there are also several downfalls. The first noticed ethical issue caused by globalizing is job loss. Often when a company choses to outsource to another country it is because they can produce more products for less money. However, to move companies often they must down size current employees or make the choice to not open a new business in their country. Along with the loss of employment comes a decrease in economy. When people lose jobs or there are not enough jobs to go around the lack of income not only hurts the family but also the local economy as well. This is because people stop buying things they do not need, begin selling things they have, become late on their payments, and go further into debt. Another issue with globalization is the spread of infectious diseases. When a person gets on a plane with passengers from many other countries they are at risk of catching diseases and spreading them in their home country. The advantages and disadvantages should be carefully considered before deciding to expand business to another country. Lower cost products might…