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Michael Gallo & Kenny Meagan
Professor Stevens
Global Politics
25 November 2014
Two-State Solution Will Lead to Peace The Israelis and the Palestinians have been in a conflict for many years now. With every peace treaty and solution they have come up with, nothing has worked. There was a possible breakthrough in 2000 where Bill Clinton nearly succeeded in creating a peace settlement, but no solution has come close since. The solution Bill Clinton had was two separate states with definitive borders. This was similar to the two-state solution and the two-state solution will be the way Israel and Palestine can have peace with each other. Others argue that the one-state solution is a better way to create peace, but the two-state solution is the key to success in creating peace between the two countries. This article will discuss some policies and how each state will get an equal share to sustain peace as well as to why the two-state solution is the best way. By using these guidelines the Israelis and Palestinians would be able have peace and support the thesis that the two-state solution will make peace possible between Israel and Palestine. A problem that comes in between the two states is that the Palestinians have refused to create peace while the Israelis are looking to work to find a solution. “The root of the conflict was and remains the refusal of the Palestinians to recognize the Jewish state… the reason there’s no peace is that Palestinians refuse to recognize Israeli as the national homeland of the Jewish people” (Patir). The Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is saying that the Israeli government is willing to create peace plan while the Palestinian government keeps declining. The Israeli government has willingly committed themselves to creating peace among the two countries but the Palestinians just aren’t willing to cooperate. The two-state solution will give Palestine the territory they need and borders to keep away from the Jewish people so they can have peace between the two states. Within the two state solution, Israel and Palestine will need to create definitive borders and security policies to have safety within their territories. Israel and Palestine must agree on the territory on which their country is allowed to control. “Israel's territory must be based on the 1967 borders with some land swaps of roughly five percent to allow for the incorporation of all Israeli settlements along the 1967 borders into Israel proper” (Ben-Meir). This states that Israel will get their original borders but will need to give up five percent of their land in exchange for land from Palestine. “Palestinian will the Gaza strip, 95 percent or so of the West Bank, plus five percent of current Israeli territory to swap for five percent of the West Bank that will be incorporated into Israel proper” (Ben-Meir). Palestine will give five percent of the West Bank in exchange for the five percent of Israel’s territory they will be giving up. With these borders it will give safety and agreement between the two states on where they want their people and won’t create any conflict. Israel will then need to set security and political policies to establish safety between the two states. “Insisting on a demilitarized Palestinian state with the exception of maintaining internal Palestinian security forces that cooperate fully with their Israeli counterparts” (Ben-Meir). Keeping Palestine from any terrorist attacks or acts of terrorism towards Israel will lead to peace among them. “Maintaining credible deterrence that will inhibit any Palestinian group or states in the region from posing a serious threat to Israel” (Ben-Meir). Palestine will need to control any type of group or state from threatening Israel and starting any type of conflict and war between the two states. In the beginning Israel will need tight security to make sure there is safety within Israel until it stabilizes. After they have established a safe