Global Reporting Guidelines (G2) Guideline

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4.3 Global Reporting Initiative 2002(G2) Guideline:
GRI published the first reporting guidelines (G1) in June and immediately afterwards, created working groups revising these guidelines. The second version (G2) guideline was published in 2002 at the beginning of Johannesburg Summit and gradually they have emerged as the world's de facto standard on non-financial reporting. The GRI’s 2002 guidelines document acknowledges that “sustainability reporting” is a broad term, synonymous with other terms that are used to describe accounting for economic, social and environmental impacts, like triple bottom-line or corporate responsibility reporting.
In 2001, GRI established the Measurement Working Group to develop recommendations on performance indicators
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With release of these first draft protocols covering energy, water, and child labour indicators, a process will continue in which new protocols will emerge at a steady rate in the coming years. All will be subject to testing, comment, and revision through a multi-stakeholder consultative process. GRI also plans to produce issue guidance documents that will guide reporting organisations that wish to organise their reports along thematic lines (e.g., productivity, diversity, development). These will seek to encourage integrated approaches that cross and blend multiple dimensions of economic, environmental, and social reporting into a holistic reporting design. The important component of G-2 GRI guidelines is given in table …show more content…
GRI Content Index A table supplied by the reporting organization identifying where the information listed in GRI-2002 of the guidelines is located within the organization’s report.
Performance Indicators Measures of the impact or effect of the reporting organization divided into integrated, economic, environmental, and social performance indicators.
Source: “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines”, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), 2002
G2-GRI Report Content Index
GRI is not prescribing a specific format for the Index in the 2002 guidelines. It encourages reporters to create a format that effectively serves the above purposes. In general, the Index should be prominently identified. It should:
 Be easy to read;
 Be concise and listing all of the GRI reporting elements
 Clearly identify the location of information; and
 Enable the user to quickly identify which elements have been included in the report and where to find the information.
The hierarchy of G-2 GRI performance indicators according to category and aspects is summarised in figure