Global Research And Analysis Of Air Canada

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October 09, 2013
Attn: Mr. Calin R.
Air Canada Centre,
40 Bay Street,
Toronto, ON

Dear Sir,

I am pursuing a research study which is a part of my subject- Global Research and Analysis at Centennial College, Toronto. I am doing this project on very interesting topic Innovation and Productivity. This topic gives a broad insight on weakness and need to restructure the Air Canada brand.

As we all know Air Canada is largest carrier in Canada and has become a brand symbol for Canada. The bad part is it lacks many factors which losing its brand value in airline sector. Therefore, the primary focus on the study here will provide you extraordinary strategies and tools used by market leaders. These tools have potentially helped their organization to stay on top and introduce a new change to customer value.

At the end of my study I will be able to come with a conclusion, if the tools are implemented in precise manner which will help to improve the management and further the organization. Since more competitors are entering in the market with better services that attracts the customers and increases their profitability. I believe this study will help you to target more customers and expand the business network across the globe. In the end leaving the customer with Wow effect! should be the vision. This will help improve productivity and understand the customer and update with market trends of airline sector.

I hope to make a research report on Air Canada which has always fascinated me to share my ideas and be associated with after my graduation. I hope to contact you in person as soon as possible to discuss more with you about this research project. I look forward to speaking with you.


Karanjeet Singh Kalsi

Innovation & Productivity for Air Canada

The most challenging question confronting business leaders and managers in this century is not “How do we succeed?”It’s how do we stay successful? The paper studies the link between innovation and productivity. In past few years, many airline industries are making remarkable innovation and increasing the productivity by exceptional services to the passengers. This paper also describes how other growing airlines implemented innovative strategies for better services to attract more customers. Not just for customers, employs are the essential part of any company. And which training and development tools are practices in their organization to train their employ and to retain.
Air Canada is a largest full service airline provider in Canadian market. But also encounters many issues related to service as compared with other airlines. Today, providing an exceptional service and hospitality has become most important element in airline industry. Thus, many airlines have started to adopt innovation and productivity strategy to give “Wow effect”! While some airlines bought the change and are leading the market globally.
The question to be addressed in this paper that how Air Canada can develop its service better on the grounds of innovation and productivity. It still remains question whether cumulative productivity can be considered a good indicator of innovation activity implemented in Air Canada at global level.
As per remarks, stated by many passengers related to service, food, aircrafts, aircrafts interiors, untrained staff etc. Considering these critical problems how Air Canada can increase its efficiency in providing better service and balance itself with leading airlines.
The paper will widely discuss with various strategies like strategy service management, yield revenue management, innovation in airlines, employ training and development tools and case studies. Air Canada should apply these tools and strategies to uplift its service. Since, many new competitors are entering in Canadian Market.

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