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Alexandra Harrison 12E
Global Studies Mr. Gilman
Response Paper

This articles talk about how the issue of immigration of other cultures, popularly Muslims, into many European countries have become a bit of a challenge for the European citizens to adjust to. Alexandra Starr, says how in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the government made the way to get into the country so hard, by placing many challenging tests in order to receive citizenship. The tests include, sitting to watch an offensive film, and a language test, which many ended up failing. These terrible requests lowered immigration rate about 60%. She goes on to explain how in Austria, they make it so hard to get into the country by, setting limits to the amount of people that are allowed in, test your physical work ability, so that you don’t take jobs from citizens already there, and setting limits on which region they can live. And in other countries, they feel like the Muslim country is making them “Poorer and Stupider.” They fee like Muslims only are good for war and are set in a very old medieval type of law way. This is why Serazin, sees the religion as just tearing the country down.
On the immigrants view, they see this immigration as a way to opportunities a new and better life. They can go and make a living, and provide for their family while some may also get a roof over their head. They also get more benefits, such as health care, and education. Finally, they would also receive protection for themselves and their family. While all those benefits are great, there are always challenges faced. The challenges the immigrants face include, no insurance, they are not completely citizens, so they don’t get those benefits. They also receive low wages, although they are skilled, they are seen as disposable. They also have many adaptation challenges, coming into a new lifer and environment. The number one thing is racial profiling, where they are disrespected and undermined because of race, religion, and culture. They also have it harder because of the communication barrier, which sometimes