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Global Warming Arguments

There are some people that believe that global warming is caused by humans and their contributions of pollution into the atmosphere, and some people believe that it’s just the temperature change in the earth’s natural cycle . Global warming is the rising temperatures of the earth’s atmosphere and ocean floors. There are many beliefs about the causes of this global phenomenon.
There are also questions about what we need to do in order to take action to reverse this trend, or if anything needs to be done at all. Most of the information about global warming is gathered by scientist, environmentalist, politicians, and also research groups. Information about greenhouse gases and the earth’s natural cycle causing global warming is conflicting, and even contradictory, so who are we to believe? Greenhouse gases are the most debatable cause of global warming amongst people around the world. Some believe that when humans burn fossil fuels, they create greenhouse gases. These fuels are burned to produce energy for heating our homes, electricity, fuel our cars, and even to produce plastics that we use every day. It is said that the burning of these gases could cause heat to buildup in the earth’s atmosphere . When heat builds up in the earth’s atmosphere, the changes in the earth’s temperature could cause storms to become more violent and frequent, sea levels rise, and temperature become extreme by being too hot or too cold. There are other factors that supposedly contribute to global warming other than greenhouse gases.

Others believe that most greenhouse gases are formed from nature and humans just add to the emission of them. Fossil fuels are sourced from the organic remains of prehistoric organisms and makes up natural gas, coal, and oil. When the sun shines on the earth, some of the energy is converted to heat and radiated back into space. The heat then gets trapped in carbon monoxide and reflected back onto earth ,causing the heat to build up and the earth to warm up.

There are facts about natural causes of the earth’s temperature change. A review of the evidence, published in The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 12 (2007) 79-90, cites published papers showing that: 1. Glacier shrinkage started increasing around 1825 (before fossil fuels had any impact) and has increased with a steady slope that has not been affected by increasing use of fossils fuels. Similarly, sea level rise began around 1850, and its slope of increase is not changed by increasing use of fossil fuels.
2. Arctic air temperature correlates with solar activity, not use of fossil fuels. the same is true for
U.S. surface temperatures.
3. Number of severe tornados in U.S. over the last 50 years is decreasing and number of hurricanes making landfall in U.S. has not increased during the last 100 years.
4. Long-lived trees are growing faster in correlation with the increase in atmospheric CO2.
5. Increased CO2 accelerates growth of plants tested (wheat, orange trees, young pine trees)
6. The earth has had much warmer weather in the past and warmer weather increases the growing season, makes plants grow faster, and increases plant and animal habitats