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Climate Change and Its Impact on Agriculture
Since the beginning of time the temperature on Earth has oscillated causing many different ice ages and desert periods. Recently over the past few decades the effects of global warming have produced an increased danger for the environment we live in. It is damaging the atmosphere, causing the climate to change, and is forever changing the earth. Global warming is not a recent trend; it has been developing in a bigger problem that can no longer be ignored. Scientists believe that human are the cause of this issue and they are currently searching for new way to reverse the effects of global warming before it’s too late.
Global warming is known as a rise in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. An increase of greenhouse gases trap heat that is supposed to emitted back into space causing the earth to heat up more than it should, this is caused by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that causes us to have heat on earth without this we wouldn’t be able to live on earth because it out be too cold. It works by trapping some of the heat radiated by the sun to warm the earth and releasing the rest into space. But due to the pollution humans are creating it is creating an increase of carbon dioxide, CFC’s, nitric oxide, and methane that is being released in the atmosphere causing too much heat to be trapped on earth. Ever since the Industrial Revolution human have been producing a massive amount of gases in the atmosphere accumulating at a fast rate because of technological advances such as power stations, factories, and cars. Other ways humans are affecting the amount of gases being released into the atmosphere is mass deforestation. By cutting the trees down, humans stop earth’s natural defense of capturing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen.
The major effect of global warming is climate change. Weather patterns are changing dramatically causing chances in our ecosystems. As our ecosystems go through changes so quickly they will not be able to adapt quickly enough causing many different plants and animals to become completely extinct.
In 1997 the United Nations created an international treaty called the Kyoto Protocol. The goal of the treaty is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that go into the atmosphere. The Kyoto