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Global Warming

Global warming is a serious problem in our society today. It affects our community in many serious ways such as the massive greenhouse effect, the waste of resources, and dangerous disasters. People may think it isn’t anything to worry about because of how slow it takes and how unimportant it seems but in a matter of time, it will affect our future generations and our earth.

One of the problems caused by global warming today is the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases. The greenhouse effect is when heat from the sun enters the atmosphere and then is trapped inside. Since the heat cannot escape, the weather becomes warmer. Some people believe that hot weather is good but it ruins many habitats. Even though this does keep us from freezing to death, it is still a problem because the weather will get warmer throughout time, and in a matter of time it will be very uncomfortable to live in. Now the climate increases at a rapid rate of 2 degrees each century. A connection with this topic would be with the ice caps melting because of this and how the polar bears need them to survive. There are very simple ways to prevent this from happening such as making and using less waste, recycling and spending more time outside than sitting inside wasting electricity. If global warming continues these and many other problems in our society today will get worse.

Another serious problem is when we waste resources. When we use or burn fossil fuels the carbon dioxide from them enters the atmosphere. Once it enters the atmosphere they break down in the ozone layer. This allows more sun rays in, which causes the greenhouse effect. Sometimes this can be very toxic, and can hurt us without even realizing it. The toxins can spread through the air, you may even be breathing it right now. Even though we use fossil fuels everyday in our lives we can replace it with other resources. For example we use gas to fuel our cars, but now car companies sell hybrids (which are electric cars that fuel on electricity.). If we can reduce the amount of waste by resources, we can help prevent global warming.

There are also many smaller yet harmful problems because of global warming that are getting worse by time. Dying crops is a problem. When the weather suddenly gets hot, bugs start to come out such as