Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming

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When we talk about Global Warming do you think it can affect us in the United States? When you hear the words global warming what do you think of? Do you think it can affect the United States health care? Why do Americans have a fear of Global Warming? What can we do to prepare now and in the future for global warming? Is global warming a real threat or are we overly reacting? How does it impact us here in America today? How is Global Warming a threat on our water system? What are some important steps to help slow the effects of global warming? Global warming it is not just a threat; we are experiencing it as we speak.

How researchers view the effects of Global Warming on the climate. Researchers have come to see that the emission of gases from greenhouses in the United States has become a real threat to because of the way the gases absorb the infrared radiation and traps the heat in the atmosphere. The amount of energy sent to earth from the sun should be the same as what is sent back, but because the gases are trapping the radiation this causes the Earth’s surface to be inconsistent. The gases that occur are not always man-made they can be caused by nature also such as: water vapors, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. From the article Global Warming: continues as greenhouse gas levels reach record high; A briefing at WMO, “The Earth’s surface in 2011 are currently the tenth highest on record and are higher than any previous year even with the La Niña event, which has a relative cooling influence.” From the article written by Jonathan H. Alder Robert Pielke states, “That Mexico is in search of a binding agreement limiting greenhouse gas emissions. As with the prior climate meetings, nothing meaningful emerged.” From an article "More than hot air" states that President Barack Obama is focusing on several bills that would regulate the greenhouse effects by a cap-and-trade system."

What kind of effect does global warming have on the United States water system? Warmer weather is only one of the adverse effects that global warming is having on the U.S. the other is on the water systems. The effects are majorly on the stream flow and the water balance as well as the coral reefs disappearing. More important is that the warmer waters are becoming deeper and the cooler waters that actually weaken the hurricanes have diminished, by doing so this allows the hurricane to thrive. Recently we have experienced more violent storms and climate shifts. There have been several storms that rank above the category 5 hurricanes since 2005 in the Atlantic. Severe likely of drought or flooding with some changes only being short-term, but the rising heat would be long-term causing the ice caps to melt more quickly this would cause flooding along the coastlines, decreasing saline in the oceans, and causing ocean currents to be disturbed, which regulates the temperature around the world. The warming temperatures of the ocean's water is killing the algae, this is food for many animals such as small fish, crabs, and some whales. With the overall changes in the waters temperatures, flow and levels this affects the animals within the water as well as the ones who depend on the water. With the increase of carbon dioxide in the air which dissolves in the water and create weak carbonic acid, which creates the ph levels to decreased and be more acidity while water temperatures increase can cause cold water animals to stop breeding. The harshest effects still maybe the effect it has on drinking water.

What are some steps we can take and companies can do to slow the effects of global warming? There are several steps that we can be take to slow the lasting effects of global warming such as: save energy by turning heat and air off or lower the settings when you are going to be out for long periods of time, opening your curtains on sunny days letting sunshine in, use energy saving appliances