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Global warming is a real phenomenon. Worldwide events like global warming are being created by the human population, especially when they endeavor for comfort. Many people live day by day in their own little world not thinking about the long term effects of their daily activities. The world’s climate is everyone’s problem and everyone will be affected by it even if they are cognizant by the seriousness of global warming or not.
Many people do not realize the continuous increase of greenhouse gases will have significant impacts on many important regions around the world. For example, when a regions’ climate undergoes a drastic change by an unnatural force, the ecosystem in that area will also drastically be impacted negatively. This will cause environmental systems to mitigate and adapt. By 2012 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts long term changes on the North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia continents. These changes range from an increase of rain, more intense heat waves, floods, and droughts among the regions.
The most recent negative impacts that are more visible are glacial chunks in arctic regions melting drastically. More sea ice has melted which has caused the rise of sea levels. Because of these numerous impacts, it will be very likely that the result will be less cold days and nights within the next couple of decades. Also since the 1970s, Global areas affected by droughts have increased and will continue to increase in Asia.
To reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and save the planet’s future, the solution would have to be relying on nuclear energy. Nuclear energy has its own set of problems and risks. It costs billions of dollars for one factory and can cause a quicker catastrophe than the natural causes of global warming due to the radioactivity it can release. Chernobyl is the prime example why mankind has fear for turning to nuclear energy as an alternative, but it is necessary. Nuclear energy will significantly reduce our greenhouse emission and slow down the global warming process. There is no other way to prevent global warming from happening at a significant level without having sacrifice, even if it means disturbing our human progression.
Global warming will continue to be an unsolved issue. The endeavors on reducing greenhouse gas emissions may seem like a noble task, but the habits of mankind will not change for the world. Everyone will still need to drive their vehicles daily, and business companies will need to continue running their factories. People will need an incentive for them to change their individual habits if they are to solve the world’s problems collectively.
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