Global Warming Essay

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Global warming has become a huge issue over the years for planet Earth. Every year I can the summer season being hotter than the previous year. With the ozone layer being destroyed as time goes by who knows how much time is left until it is completely gone. No ozone layer means no protection, and no protection means one hundred percent chance of huge changes to Earth. One of the biggest problems of not having an ozone is layer is going to be not being able to go outside without being burned alive. The main problem with the ozone layer being damaged is all the smoke that comes out cars and eighteen wheelers. When the smoke comes out of cars it has nowhere else to go but up which then damages the ozone layer. Hairspray is another contributor that is affecting the ozone layer. People don’t realize that with the ozone being damaged the icebergs in cold places such as Antarctica could melt and the sea level would overflow and flood the whole area. Animals like a polar bear that are used to living on ice would end up in the water and would drown because of their lack of knowing how to swim. With no one being able to go outside because of the scorching heat from the sun, the population on Earth would starve to death. Those who survive would eventually die as well because the sun would not stop heating up the Earth which would mean there would not be a safe place to be. The easiest thing to do is to avoid using things that would contribute or speed up global warming. Things such…