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Global Warming These days people have the mindset that what does not hurt you at this instantaneous moment does not matter. This is called being oblivious to your surroundings, something that most people have in common. Due to this disregard to our environment, a majority of humans are not even close to being prepared for what is coming. Who could possibly be blamed for this? On one hand technology serves as a means of advancing in the future but, on the other hand technology has allowed humans to question and question. Questioning ideas and thoughts? You would say it’s a good thing, but what people don’t realize is that when you have the ability to question almost everything around you, you lose the urge to act upon all these new findings. Therefore, many scientists have researched and uncovered many flaws in human nature towards our environment. Even with these findings, humans seem to shrug it off, and continue with their bad habits. Not only have scientists discovered these extensive problems such as global warming, but they have also provided the public with some possible solutions, that would help alleviate these problems. Apparently humans believe that they are invincible so they don’t pay mind to the future but to the present instead. Some of the blame could be placed on several ideas and theories as time has gone by. One of these is Manifest Destiny, which gave Americans in the 1800’s the empowerment to expand into others land. As seen in the Mexican American War, Americans felt they had the right to extend their borders past Mexican territory in Texas. As President Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to leave the Nueces River (American Territory in Texas) to go to Rio Grande (Mexican Territory in Texas), he was practically mandating for the U.S to go and take what was not necessarily theirs in the first place. The

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo marked the end of the War, and gave the desired land to the United States. What Mexico did not know, was that they were actually hurting the United States by doing this. First of all, it reassured the Manifest Destiny by giving them their God assigned land just for being American. In other words, Mexico was spoiling the America, placing them on a silver platter. In American history, the Native Americans were forced to leave, assimilate, or be extinct. These ultimatums gave Americans a sense of superiority that could only hurt them in the long run, like right now. When Americans were expanding Westward onto Indian land, they were not thinking of the consequences that would occur in time. These consequences are not only in oil producing and other controlled areas; some are also uncontrolled elements such as weather. Increased levels of carbon dioxide have been making lots of heat; heat in turn is energy, and an increase in energy in the atmosphere creates instability and brutal weather conditions. In Brazil’s rainforests, which are vital in the care of atmospheric water vapor, protection budget was cut. This action might be seen as tedious towards the large issue of Global Warming, but in actuality these careless duties are the causes for the problem in the first place. When America was growing to become one the most powerful nations in the world their main source of fuel was wood, but after the Civil War, oil was discovered in Pennsylvania which noticeably increased humans’ ability to survive. Recently, our dependence on certain items, have lead us to think of the collapse of Mesopotamian, Greek, and Roman Empires. This dependence on items such as Oil, has brought up the idea that if our resources were to be cut, what would happen?

Global Warming seems to be on a lot of people’s minds, yet motives are imperceptible. Opinions and thoughts are very nice, but actions and movements are even better. But another part of Global Warming is what it actually is, which most people don’t even know. The fact that the earths atmosphere is a product of water vapor and