Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming: It Can Be Stopped The world has changed drastically in the past 50 years from the hippie era to fast food consumers. Some people believe that the change in industry and the advancement of technology and industries increase, so does the pollution. The earth has been affected by people having a lifestyle in which they are careless and lazy. It is understandable that society wastes. It is easier to just throw all your garbage in one bag rather than sort it into recyclable bins. This new lifestyle is causing us to go into global meltdown. Since the world is changing at an unbelievable rate due to pollution and mistreatment of nature, countries need to join together and become more eco-friendly to stop global warming. There are three main types of recyclable wastes. They are paper, plastic and cans (metal). All of these can be reused by recycling, but yet some choose to litter these products. While driving in your car you are more than likely to notice these products on the grounds or in the ditches. These renewable resources are often in the form of receipts, cups, soda cans, bags, or bottles. People should pick up a habit of not littering. The government can do many things to help with pollution. They can create acts against pollution, such as littering. If you get caught littering you can be fined and have to pay hefty fee. However, the government should increase the fee so that there is less pollution. States also have the power to control their own pollution by setting their own pollution levels. Smog detection laws have been created in some states to help against pollution (Mongillo 7). To control smog, states require a certain level of catalytic converters on Smog, states require a certain level of catalytic converters on cars. A catalytic converter is a part that is placed in the exhaust system of your car to reduce smog (10). The sea is one of the most important aspects of the earth. So many creatures live in the sea. These beautiful creatures are slowly dying due to the increase of pollution in the sea. Pollution in the sea is mainly the result of man dumping its non-renewable wastes into the ocean. This is the main cause of the destruction of coral reefs, mangroves, and salt marshes (49). It is not only the ocean and sea that is becoming polluted, it is water everywhere. In the United States 218 million people live within 10 miles of a polluted river, lake, costal area or stream (36). Water pollution can come from one of two ways. One way is where dangerous substances are emitted directly into a body of water. These substances can come from power plants, factories or mining operations (42). The other way is when harmful substances get into runoffs that lead into a larger body of water (42). These substances can come from pesticides, acid rain, fertilizers or road construction (42). The Fourth of July holiday is also a contributor to the polluting of waters. Many people near the coast line go the beach on the Fourth of July to shoot off fireworks. Thousands of pieces of litter from fireworks fall to the ground on these beaches. Most people do not pick up every piece of garbage that falls from their fireworks. Those pieces of garbage left behind end up in the ocean and the high tide comes and washes them away. This is an example of how the coastline has started to become toxic for all sea life near the coastline. Breathing clean air is one of the most amazing feelings. I can not imagine life without being able to breathe clean air. Living in North Dakota we are privileged with some of the cleanest air known to man (56). Air pollution is a major problem in bigger cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. These cities have to create their own laws on air pollution. One major law that was created was the law that limited smog output. Along with the advancement of technology, so came hazardous pollutants. Smog is a prime example of a hazardous pollutant that is