The Importance Of Ignorance

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Let’s face it; our world is changing and is changing faster than what everyone has ever thought. Our world is becoming warmer and warmer every second, but countries and governments have not done much about it. Ignorance is not the key to solve this worldwide problem; solutions are needed, but more importantly, actions are needed. Though we have started our journey to save our world, there is still plenty to do. The greenhouse we are living in is already suffering the effects. First, carbon dioxide, CO2, is accumulating in our atmosphere as industries, houses, cars, and people produce more than what planet Earth can endure. The absence of trees, due to human action, makes it impossible to turn all that CO2 into glucose or oxygen, but the real problem is that more sunlight gets into our atmosphere than sunlight is being reflected. This greenhouse is keeping heat and energy, in general, stored in the growing numbers of carbon dioxide and methane. But there is no one more culpable than the humans who have let CO2 levels increase, and who have not worried about decreasing them. This accumulation has provoked summers to become longer and hotter, and winters to turn shorter and slighter. It has also made natural disasters common and more powerful. For example, a hurricane level 5, being uncommon, had never affected the country as hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans and its surrounding areas. Also, in 2005 more hurricanes were reported than ever before. Though temperature has not risen drastically on Earth, the effects are everyday more noticeable. Ice layers at both poles are melting down at a higher rate than ever before, not only threatening animals and wild life, but also threatening the end of the world, the end of humanity. If ice melting is not stopped, entire cities could disappear due to new water levels, but most important of all, our biggest resource for fresh water would be taken away, leaving us without anything but a small number of rivers and underground aquifers. Besides, the mixture of water melting and oceans’ water levels increasing has turned floods and tornadoes, a situation nobody is now saved from. For instance, my hometown, Eagle Pass, suffered a tornado category 3 last year, destroying houses,…