Global Warming Essay

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What are the causes and effects of global warming? What are some ways to stop global warming? Is global warming an issue we need to be concerned with? These are the questions that have been asked by many people when any natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes or hurricanes hit their countries. Many people ask themselves why the earth is giving them a hard time. They have no idea why the world is suffering from such harmful disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. Global warming was never an issue to the earth until the new technologies were introduced. Technologies can help ease hard work and can also cause problems such as global warming. The earth is now facing many troubles and tribulations. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and water vapor trap the sun’s heat which causes the temperature to rise and that is how global warming begins. It has been an issue ever since it started due to the fact that it’s affecting many parts of the world.
Firstly, the rising of sea level causes problems for people living close to shorelines. “Sea levels are predicted to rise twice as fast as was forecast by the United Nations only two years ago, threatening hundreds of millions of people with catastrophe” (McCarthy). These are the results from polar ice caps and glaciers melting at both the North and the South Pole. “The sea level rose about 15 cm due to melting glaciers and expansion of warmer sea water. Models predicted that sea level may rise as much as 59 cm during the 21st century” (Bergman). With this prediction, many islands could be in a lot of danger. The islands in the Pacific are experiencing severe flooding now. If the sea level continues to raise then most of these islands could be underwater, that is if there’s nothing done now. Sea level rising is also caused by the melting of Polar ice caps at both the North and the South Pole. Recent studies show that the movement of ice towards the ocean from both of the major ice sheets has increased significantly. “If all glaciers and polar ice caps melted today, the sea would rise about 230 feet” (National Snow and Ice Data Center). Glaciers and polar ice caps are made of fresh water. When the ice melts, it not only raises the sea level but it will also make the ocean less salty, causing problems for sea organisms.
Secondly, global warming has a high impact on the land we’re living on. The heat caused by global warming changes the ecosystem, making it hotter than ever. “The effects on the environment would also lead to the effect on us” (Sutton). Plants and trees most of the time cannot resist the power of the heat made by global warming, so they ended up dying. That is why scientists predict global warming would not affect just one thing but everything. When most of plants and trees die, organisms would have a hard time finding and making food. This would be the effect on humans and animals too. We human beings depend on plants and animals for food. If the plants can’t handle the heat, it would die and we won’t get anything to eat nor oxygen to breath. According to Geneva (2007), “rising temperatures and variable precipitation are likely to decrease the production of staple foods in many of the poorest regions – by