Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming and Me

When I think of myself on this planet, revolving and rotating in a never ending vastness of space and luminous bodies, it is hard to think that I could have much of an impact. But when I actually take time to look at what I do on a daily basis and will continue to do for up to around 80 more years, I can see a lake that no longer exists, a mountain made into a hardware store, a rainforest cut into a plantation. What are the specific actions that could be the causes of those events and what do I need to do to lessen that impact? Searching my daily routines I can find many actions that I make which could be altered to cause a great change in the amount of energy I use, trash I make, and destruction I cause. The first thing that comes to mind for me is food, my eating habits, what am I doing wrong by merely eating a diet to achieve a level of vitamins and minerals that my body needs to sustain a healthy life? Looking at an energy usage point of view, I should try to find a product that does their agricultural work with alternative fuels and energies, like solar, wind, water power, or ethanol. I want to find a product that also uses less plastic and Styrofoam or other non-biodegradable packaging that will cause further land and ocean pollution. Beyond the product itself, it is difficult to find a company that has prepared this specific type of food that may even have to be home grown or caught from the wild, with awareness to global warming and what contributes to it in the kitchen. It could be served cold and raw, this is the case for almost any fruit or vegetable, also that is the healthier way regardless due to live enzymes and vitamins that will be reduced or removed completely if cooked. After this process I have to watch if they package the finished product and what kind of packaging that is, if they choose to. A way to be able to know all of the previous information would be to have a home garden where I could get the majority of my fruits and vegetables and using a provider of produce that I cannot grow in my climate, that adheres to some of if not all of the guidelines I have set forth. If this action was taken then I would be reducing the amount of solid waste that will litter our landfills, oceans, and many other aspects of nature that the trash may be dumped, blown, or washed to. I would be reducing the amount of energy used to create and prepare my produce which in turn lowers the amount of natural oil consumed, the amount of coal burned, and the amount of pollutants that are released into the air due to these processes. On the subject of meat, it seems unethical to eat meat from an environmentalist standpoint because of the amount of food it takes to raise livestock vs. the amount of food that animal provides, leaves the basic food that was fed to the livestock in the winners circle. But I believe that a moderate amount of organic meat is a necessity for a healthy long life, yes you can get proteins and other minerals/vitamins from plants and supplements, but they are not the exact ones that meat can provide. No America should not think that meat is a necessity for every meal of the day, and it should not be raised, processed and served the way we see it. The growth hormones, the pesticides on and in the food they are raised on, the preservatives in the meat once it is butchered, and the chemicals injected to enhance or alter the flavor for our enjoyment. There are very large issues that I have with the meat industry but I try to avoid those to a certain extent that should be more. Looking back it is easy to see that there are so many things I can do to help the environment and my impact on it and global warming, and that was just on the subject of food. Imagine if I took the same process to look at my computer and how much I use it, the