Global Warming Essay

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Delayed the promotion of country is the most serious effect of global warming. Damage human health is one of reasons that delay the development of a country which is affected by global warming. Maintaining human health is indispensable requirement to promote a country because employees can only have good performance at work when they are healthy. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the illness. However, due to the increasing of temperature, many severe diseases, which can threaten people health, are also increasing. This is because, some insects have a strong production in warm temperature. For example, mosquitoes is kind of insect raising rapidly the population in warm areas, also, bring the diseases which can lead people to serious illness such as malaria. People who have malaria can be very sick or they can die. Unfortunately, today, mosquitoes present about 45% places in the world, this percentage can increase to 60% if the temperature keep increasing (Hart, 2007). Clearly, the enormous number of mosquitoes' s appearance in the Earth shows the serious effect of global warming which can damage people health; also, delay the development of country. Beside damage human health, economic losses is another effect of global warming, which prevent the promotion of a nation. The rising temperatures is cause of much more severe weather disasters such as floods, droughts, storms, earthquakes. Due to the severe disasters, many people suffer with serious problems such as injuries, illness, lack of foods, homeless. Furthermore, many