Global Warming Essay

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It noticeable that weather changed in a past decades. In most of the regions climate became significantly warmer than it was back in the past. Scientist distinguish a few theories that explain global temperature change. The most reasonable reason which scientists think that for this changes was global warming. Global warming is theory which states that gases as CO2, methane, water vapor and others are collecting in the Earth atmosphere and make the planet to heat up. This effect is also called Greenhouse Effect and it mostly caused by CO2. CO2 is released by burning of fossil fuels by power, which are commonly used in everyday life by human beings. Global warming more than likely started right after Industrial Revolution that took place in mid 1800s, because exactly since that time average global temperatures started to rise and have risen about by 1o C. It might not seem as a large increase, but given the time period in which this increase occurred the change is amazing. According to Green Pease organization, nowadays over 60 million tons of CO2 is released into the atmosphere daily. The major pollutants are power plants which are responsible for 33% of total greenhouse gases and transport which releases about 34% of CO2. If current pollution level is not going to decrease in the future world climate might change dramatically. The independent government funded Hadley Research Centre has carried out very extensive prediction studies on what will be the effect of global warming on the global environment. They predict that sea levels will rise by 30 cm by 2070 rendering huge areas of land becoming sea, and that global temperatures will rise by 3o C by 2030. Many species would lose their habitats which would change ecosystems and made tragic outcomes for the nature. Although rainfall will on the whole be reduced, western Britain’s rainfall is likely to increase by as much as 2mm per day. These statistics make terrible reading but when the consequences are considered the seriousness of what will happen to our world especially in such a time of high population are genuinely horrifying. Sea rises will mean the very map of the globe will change, cities as New York will go under water. Florida and the southern states of America are also at risk, as well as many smaller areas of the world and individual atolls and islands. Extreme weather will become more likely as jet streams and atmospheric cells are altered, leading to higher damage costs in the west and poverty in the south. This is only some of the outcomes of the global warming for our planet and there are many more which might make future of our planet even more dramatic. According to the above information it is reasonable to say that it is perfect time to start making significant changes in way humanity lives in order to leave pure nature to the next generations. The solution to global warming will not come easily. It will require nothing less than ending our use of fossil fuels. In order to eliminate use of the fossil fuels people would need to discover new relatively pure sources of energy. The first steps were already in developing this sources of energy were already made. For example, wind energy is developing extremely fast and by 2030 there are should be more than 100000 wind turbines in the United States which will be able to produce power for more than 15 million homes each year. We have the technology and