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Lin 1 Vincent Guo Professor Carmen Del Real Academic Writing 13 April 2010

Global warming Global warming is a new word that we can find it easily every place. It is a very serious problem for us. There is so many reasons that make the global warming. The effects of global warming can not be ignored. We should pay more attention on this problem.

At first we will talk about the reasons. We can Summarized five key attributions. They are Greenhouse gases, Land use, Livestock and Aerosols.
·Greenhouse gases
Carbon dioxide is the culprit. There are many way can manufacture it. For example, many of which burn coal or other fossil, fuels dominant contributor and mainly methane from enteric fermentation and nitrous oxide from fertilizer use. It is also the largest contributors.
·Land use
33% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions come from changes in land use. Decrease of forest area is increasing. So many trees were cut. The world photosynthesis is reduced. A second reason that climate change is terrestrial albedo used leads to radiative forcing.
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More than 18% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions to livestock. Actually it is also deforestation and burning fuel.
Aerosols are not good things even I can know it every clearly. I get some information form the Wikipedia. They are small particles or droplets suspended in the atmosphere. They are come from different ways and change weather easily.

Then I will introduce the effects of global warming. The global warming will change the weather first. The increasing temperature leads to increasing precipitation. Snow and ice will melt, sea level will rise. The hurricane will Come more and more ordinary. The negative impacts of climate change on freshwater systems out weigh the benefits. Yun nan increased drought proved that. It also lead to the extinction of rare species. If the Global warming continue the end of world will be not far away.

Global warming is a terror thing for me. It is a invisible bomb. If the human do not control it now. we will the murderer who kill the world. Every one should take part in. Do little things we can do, such as plant trees , reduce the CO2 emissions and let everyone know it.

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