Essay about Global Warming

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Anthony Matula
John Stevens
English 1301-1002
1 July 2013
Global Warming Global warming is a growing problem for the ever-growing planet. As humans grow and expand as a species, it seems as though the climate changes just as fast. The ice caps are melting and summers are getting hotter. Global warming is a growing problem because there was no problem with our atmosphere before, humans as a species do not care what the end result of losing our atmosphere would be like, and the growing technology and transportation are a big issue because of the gas emitted, causing the Earth’s atmosphere to get thinner. Time is a battle that is never won. With an ecosystem as frail as the Earths, time is all that is left before the atmosphere dissipates. Before humans came along and created a hole in our atmosphere, the Earth was not as frail. Now that humans are the sustainable species here on earth, we tend to take it for granted, and use parts of the earth as a trash can. This creates chemicals that are released into the atmosphere causing it to essentially rot away. Earth has everything the human race needs to survive, but if humans continue to abuse our atmosphere, humans may end up with nothing but an overheated, watered down planet. As the atmosphere tends to worsen, humans will start seeing a change in the weather. This is already going on and nobody has done anything to significantly improve the situation. Humans need to evolve around what is most important to daily life, the atmosphere. With this information provided, common sense says stop ruining the ozone. Humans continue with their day-to-day life without any worries that the ever failing atmosphere will eventually fail without everybody’s help. As humans evolve, so does technology, and with technology come advantages and disadvantages. When the disadvantages can ultimately destroy the planet,