My Lovely Home: Ho Chi Minh City

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July 09, 2012
My lovely homeland- Ho Chi Minh city
My homeland is Ho Chi Minh city, this is one of the biggest city, also the important center of economy, culture and education of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh city had been called “ Pearl of the Far East” or “Paris in the Orient”, located in south of Vietnam and this is one of the safest city all over the world. Ho Chi Minh city has been attracting a lot of local and international visitors. This is the place where I grew up, and I also have one time travelled back to visit my own place, it has changed a lot since I left.
Ho Chi Minh city is distinctively seasonal. Rains come and go quickly after that, and sun is not too hot. Every streets, corners, place names here are closely connect with famous men, histories, brilliant exploits of the hero city. Visitors can come back to the Mekong river is known as a lots of fruit gardens with many kinds of tropical fruits and valuable specialities. Mekong river curve through each center is connect other small rivers and stream, it is very advantagerous for waterway navigation and traveling.
Ho Chi Minh city is not only known as a young and modern city, but also known as a city with a lot of valuable cultures. Cultures are crystallized and exchanged relations from many other cultures based on Vietnamese culture. As a big city, Ho Chi Minh has architectural mixture between traditonal and modern. There are a lot of old buildings in here such as Dragon House, the big Post Office, theatre were bulid when Vietnam was a colony of France, systems of old temples and old churchs. In the center of this city, there are some main streets are called “ Nguyen Hue, Dong Khoi, Le Loi…” famous with many western architecture. There are many restaurants, hotels, bar, clubs, antique shops, galleries… It is not excessive to say that Ho Chi Minh city is the place that is gather many other cultures on the world with annual