Global Warming And Rising Sea Levels

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Global Warming & Rising Sea Levels

When the Industrial Revolution began, factories were in need of energy to power

their machines. Since the inventions of many machines were new – factories were

desperate to get their hands in anything that gave them power. This is why fossil fuels

began used so much –these fuels were easy to gather, and are still used today. However,

having fossil fueled machines is bad for the environment since it releases greenhouse

gases that damage the earth and ozone layer. Hence, we need to replace all of the fossil

fueled machines to alternative energy machines to reduce global warming – which will

therefore reduce the rising of the sea levels.

different regions, for the reason of powering every-day machines. According United

States Environmental Protection Agency, “Since the Industrial Revolution, the need for

energy to run machines has steadily increased... But other energy, like the energy that

makes cars run and much of the energy used to light and heat our homes, comes from

fuels like coal and oil - fossil fuels. Burning these fuels releases greenhouse gases.” As

machines were invented, we began being reliant on fossil fuels to provide us an energy

source. As stated before, these fuels release greenhouse gases –which are gases that keep

warmth in the atmosphere of the earth. If there is many greenhouse gases, then more heat

is trapped in the earth – making the earth warmer – causing global warming. The United

States Environmental Protection Agency also states “The trash that we send to landfills

produces a greenhouse gas called methane. Methane is also produced by the animals we

raise for dairy and meat products and when we take coal out of the ground. Whenever we

drive or ride in a car, we are adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. And, when

factories make the things that we buy and use everyday, they too are sending greenhouse

gases into the air.” Another way of producing greenhouse gases is the amount of trash we

make – which is known as a carbon footprint. Since we produce a lot of trash throughout

the day, we continue to add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. We also help consume

items made by industries that used fossil fuels as an energy source – producing

greenhouse gases. This encourages the factories to keep on producing items made by

using greenhouse gases.

As stated before, when a grand amount of greenhouse gases is released into the

environment – it warms the planet way too much – causing ice caps and sheets to melt

and find its way into the ocean. As more water enters the ocean, the sea level will rise,

which may cause harm to the planet. According to the