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Global Warming is Not Anthropogenic

By: Cullen Rumford

Works Cited
(GGWS) The great Global Warming Swindle
(AIT) An Inconvenient Truth

In today’s society, Anthropogenic Global Warming has become a worldwide fear made by politicians and corrupt research records. Our planet’s temperature is in fact rising. However, is it not faulted by humans. Climate change is cause by the sun, not anthropogenic carbon-dioxide emission. Therefore, if we try to prevent global warming we will do very little good, for a very large price. 6.) An Inconvenient Truth, Great Global Warming Swindle, and global warming scientists all agree that the world is getting warmer. The ice core data Al Gore presented shows that the Earth’s temperature has varied over 20 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 350,000 years, peaking at higher temperatures every 100,000 years (AIT). With this happening, CO2 levels and temperature appear to be directly related (AIT, 7). But however, in history there has been when human CO2 emission rapidly rose and the temperature did not. In the United States from 1940-1975, our technology and economy grew tremendously. This era is referred to as the post-war economic boom. During this time, due to our new technology, the world emitted more carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere than ever before. This increased amount of CO2 should have caused the temperature to rise. But in fact, the temperature of the world fell during these years, showing that human CO2 emission is not directly related to the temperature of the planet (GGWS). We have discovered that temperature is actually ahead of CO2 emissions by 800 years (GGWS). As a result, it appears it is temperature controlling the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. 1.) Al Fore covered this fact by presenting his graphs over millions of years of data, and these graphs were too broad to even notice the evidence. 1.) The world already naturally warms and cools without human interference. 9.) Approximately 100,000 years ago, the earth was even warmer than it is today. After this warm period the earth cooled significantly to what we call the “Little Ice Age”. 11.) Now, the world is coming back from that cooled period, causing the temperature of the planet to increase. 11.) Al Gore believes that global; warming is cause by humans. He wants humans to cut back on their CO2 emissions to try to fight the increased temperature. Scientists believe that in order to make a difference in the Earth’s temperature, humans would have to decrease their technology back to before the industrial revolution. (GGWS) Since this would be nearly impossible, Al Gore enforces we take the Precautionary Principle to cut back on our carbon footprint on a daily basis. (AIT) Many would think that the Precautionary Principle would be beneficial when