Global Warming Essay

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The atmosphere is a mixture of different gases that surrounds the Earth. What is damaging the Earth’s atmosphere? What can be done to help save the atmosphere? There are many contributing factors damaging the atmosphere. There are many ways to save the Earth’s atmosphere.
The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of many gases. Nitrogen makes up more than three-quarters of the atmosphere, with oxygen the other quarter. There is Argon and Carbon Dioxide that make up less than a half percent. Water vapor is also included in the atmosphere with one percent and there are trace amounts of other gases too.
There are many different layers in the Earth’s atmosphere. The lowest layer is the Troposphere. This is the layer that releases heat. The next layer is the Stratosphere. This layer contains the ozone. The next two layers are the Mesosphere and Thermosphere. The temperature decreases with height in these layers. Following those layers is the Ionosphere. This layer has solar radiation and is responsible for auroras. The last and highest layer is Exosphere. This layer has solar winds.
There are many factors that are damaging the Earth’s atmosphere. Air pollution is a major contributing factor. Factories, electric power plants, and car exhaust fumes give off some of the air pollution. The atmosphere is thinning and we are losing some of the ozone layer. We depend on the ozone to be there for the Earth because it acts as a filter and absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays. Humans are burning more fossil fuels which release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases are mainly carbon dioxide, very little nitrous oxide, and methane. These gases increase temperature in the atmosphere and then we have what is called Global Warming.
Global Warming is heating up the planet and fast. Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. Therefore, there is coastal flooding and changes in the weather throughout the world. Droughts and fires have also occurred in areas that are not known to have them.
There are many ways we can help…