Global Warming Research Paper

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Burgess 1
Jeff Burgess
Engl 1301
Professor Hernandez
7 April 2010
Global Warming There are obvious signs that the earth’s weather patterns have begun to change. These changes may produce a drastic decline in food production with serious political implications for just about every nation on earth. Matters of fact, meteorologists are hard pressed to keep up with it. It seems fair to say that most middle class Americans who consider themselves environmentalists, particularly those who are not considering themselves at a professional level. Sincerely believe that human development and prosperity severely harm the environment in general, and climate in particular. Man is causing global warming that will be disastrous to the planet. This is caused by driving too much, using too much power, and relying too much on fossil fuels. Global warming will cause glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise. The climate is always changing. Different parts of the planet are always getting colder or warmer, wetter or drier. There are many other things that can cause this climate change. The sun has cycles, sometimes producing more energy, and sometimes producing less. This just means that parts of our planet will be exposed to varying amounts of heat over different periods. If more snow or land is exposed, more heat might be reflected. If more water is exposed, more heat will be absorbed. If the sky gets darkened by dust from a volcano, or pollution; it can make the planet colder. Burgess2 Green house gases are gases that principally occur naturally. Carbon dioxide is one green house gas. We make CO2 when we breathe out. Plants release CO2 when they die oceans store and release enormous quantities of CO2. Nitrous oxides are also green house gases produced in soils. Methane is also another green house gas, which is caused from decaying plants, seeps from swamps, rice paddies, and leaks out the front end and back end of decaying animals. A global agreement must be reached to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon emissions come from individual direct use of fossil fuels should be subject to a personal carbon allowance. Carbon allowances will have to decrease steadily every year in line with negotiated international