global warming Essay

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Global warming
Global Warming refers to the observed increase in the average temperature of the earth’s oceans and atmosphere. In the past, the weather was quite cool, but now the temperature is increasing in every year. It is because of the global warming is becoming more and more serious in the world. Why this problem is because serious? There are some reasons to explain this situation.

First of all, it is caused by human activities. Nowadays, private car is one of the popular transportation in the world. Many people have their own car and some people have more than one. They also prefer to drive their own car not to taking the public transport. As we know , when people are drive, the car releases some greenhouse gas, such as water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide which will affect the temperature of the Earth

Secondly, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in some counties, many employees have been working in Industries to produce the goods. At the same time, the burn fossil fuels which has contributed to the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas. Thereby become come another problem greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a process by which thermal radiation from a planetary surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases, and is re-radiated in all directions. It contributes to global warming.

Truly, we always waste energy; for example, turning on the light or television when we leave or not using. In the summer,