Global Warming Essay

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Global warming, worldwide pollution, and a prediction of the ozone layer's deterioration are just some of the results of human ignorance and stupidity concerning our environment. Long before humans dominated the Earth, our planet was filled with all kinds of living specimens that rarely did anything to harm the world. Rather, they chose to adapt to it and live by the laws of which nature had passed down since the beginning of their creation. But we humans have not only neglected these rules, but have also defiled the divinity of our planet through exploitation and exhaustion of our resources and corruption of the environmental balance between nature and technology.

The reason for this environmental disaster is simple, our desires to expand in this world, take control of it then shift to modernization with technology have made us such ungrateful children of Mother Nature that we half to resort to such brutally uncomplimentary means to survive. What’s even worse is our procrastination and ignorance. Some of us who complain about the problems in the environment often just drag themselves around the house like couch potatoes and do nothing but watch TV or play video games whereas those of who have other things on their mind simply don't care with what is happening to their environment.

So if I had to change one thing about our community, it’s to get everyone to focus on their habitat around them. I’d like to tell them to give up on finding a president that will give us more oil by destroying national parks. What happens after all the oil is removed from the national park, what will we have left? The answer is less oxygen and homes/resources for many. Replant a tree for each one we cut down, and work a little bit harder to not just throw trash wherever you want. Oil and gas cannot keep