Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming.

The demands of fossil fuel are high in today’s modern world. Fossil fuel is forming though the remains of dead plants and animal for millions of years. People used it for different purpose; fossil fuel can produce carbon dioxide. Effect of producing huge number of carbon into the air is crucial to our environment. Due to carbon dioxide that we produce daily will contribute in causing the issues such as global warming. But carbon is not only the gas that affects our environment but also Methane also is part of causing global warming. Molecule for molecule, methane is much more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. And that's just part of the trouble.(Harris) Methane helps to trap the heat from going back into atmosphere. Form wetland and from Earth ice melting the menthe gas is produce. Furthermore since our earth is increasing the temperature there is more menthe is producing. Weather methane or the carbon is responsible for our global warming, bottom line is people have to make changes to maintain our earth for future generation. In order to save resources that Earth produce people around the world should change the way we live. Everyone is responsible of producing Carbon dioxide. The foods that we see in grocery and things that we buy are not always production from its own places. Variety of foods and different things comes from another country. In order to deliver those things from another country, they have to use plans, trucks, and ships to carry. They use fossils fuel to run the engine, and our demands never stop. Those trucks, planes and ships produce lots of Carbon dioxide every day which lead to melting ice and also producing methane gas. Weather methane or carbon dioxide creating global warming, it the people who will suffer from climate change caused by methane or carbon dioxide. More and more heat is trapped in our Earth. It is part of the reason we’re releasing so much methane is because of the livestock production methods that we use. So animals, particularly cows, this is coming from ruminant animals like cows, sheep, goats, their systems are made to digest grass. They’re grazing animals and they’re meant to graze and eat grass.But those animal, when we put them into factory for food production and feed them that is not stable diet, they release nearly twice as much methane as they would if they were eating. Diets that are consistent with their system: grazing and eating grass. So part of it, we need to change the way we’re raising our food, and the emissions are not only coming. The problem is not only the animals but all the damage and emissions that are caused from raising the grain that goes to feed these animals. Generally forest cleaners use slash-and-burn techniques to clear land, but on a much larger scale than traditional practices. Instead of burning a mere 2-10 acres (1-4 ha), agriculturalists burn hundreds to thousands of hectares after felling a tract of forest and leaving it to dry. Burning releases nutrients locked up in vegetation and produces a layer of nutrient-rich material above the poor soil. The cleared area is quickly planted and supports powerful growth for a few years, after which the nutrient stock is depleted and large amounts of fertilizer are required to keep the operation viable. Perhaps fertilizer washed into local streams, affecting fish and aquatic life. When the use of fertilizer is no longer consider efficient, the land is abandoned and allowed to revert to scrub. Drought-resistant grasses may move in or cattle ranchers may plant imported African grasses for cattle grazing. The land is now only marginally productive and a limited number of cattle can subsist in the area. 18% of our gas emission into air is due to transportation and livestock production. Breaking down the livestock emissions into component gases, we find among them 9 percent of the